Photo Requirements

It is really important to me to be able to create the best likeness of your pet with as much detail as possible. For this I require high resolution photographs. Here is a little guide to how to take the best photos and what to look for. 

The best place to take photos is outside in natural light, but very importantly, not in direct sunlight. 

If your pet is fond of a certain toy or treat, it often works well to hold this above the camera or phone to grab their attention. I know not every pet will respond well to this, but it works well for most (especially Labradors!) 

The photos need to be taken with the animal positioned reasonably close to the camera, this allows for more detail to be captured in the image. I would recommend holding the camera at your pets level to capture their best angles. 

The best way to check if the photo has enough in detail is to zoom in as close as possible, checking the areas around the eyes, nose and mouth in particular. 

It is always very helpful to have a handful of photos, especially if your pet has distinct markings. 

Most importantly, it should be an image that you feel captures them well. Whether they are always happy with their tongue hanging out or if they have a particularly grumpy face… a photo that captures those moments is what helps me to create the perfect portrait!