Project Description

Equus Quagga | Zebra

Acrylic on canvas

Original Painting: Acrylic on canvas 700 x 700 mm 

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Limited Edition Prints 

Small 305 x 305 mounted to 400 x 400mm 

100% cotton rag – 215gsm | Limited run of 50

£40.00 – email to order

Large 500 x 500 | sent rolled

Hahnemuhle Photorag – 308gsm | Limited run of 50

£75.00 – email to order

Shipping £6.00 UK | Worldwide shipping available 

About this painting

Using professional quality acrylics this piece is painted onto stretched cotton canvas. The original is framed in a black contemporary frame.

The zebra has long been one of my favourite animals, for the amazing uniqueness of their stripes as well as the brilliant noises they make. They are beautiful creatures and I couldn’t resist adding one to the start of my painted wildlife collection.

About the Zebra

There are several species of zebra, the plains zebra, mountain zebra and the Grevy’s zebra. The latter species is considered endangered with their population declining by 54% in the last three decades due to hunting and habitat loss.

The plains zebra, the species used as the reference for this painting, live in the grasslands and savannah of east and southern Africa. Their beautiful coats dissipates around seventy percent of the suns heat and they will migrate up to 2,900km for food. They live in small family groups called “harems”, sometimes referred to as a dazzle. The groups consist of one stallion, several mares and their offspring. Harems generally remain together for months or even years, making it an incredibly stable family unit.

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